Verona RS 

The Highest Quality

The Verona, the official machine of the United Kingdom Barista Championship (for 6 years). The RS takes even bigger steps into temperature stability, warm water feeding the larger, insulated PID controlled stainless steel boilers behind each group, plus the addition of PID controlled heaters in the group head metal work. The result is an almost impenetrable coffee consistency.  Among the many new features are, a new display above each group showing espresso shot time as well as real time group temperature. Plus, baristas now have the facility to programme mains pressure pre-infusion offering a new level of extraction control for their coffee.

Sophisticated (P.I.D.) temperature control

  • Allows precision control of  espresso brewing temperature (±0.1°C)
  • Temperature stability ensures consistency of each shot you make
  • Intelligent power use with both pre-set and automatic switching on and off (e.g. at night) and the ability to deactivate unused groups (e.g. at quieter times)

Dedicated boilers for each group head 

  • Ensures the machine is highly responsive (e.g rapidly warmed up and ready for use in the morning)
  • Limits scale formation reducing the need for servicing
  • Makes for ease of access and maintenance

Baristas Dream

  • The Verona allows the barista to adjust even the smallest settings. To an inspired barista a Verona can be set up to perfection, and it is simple enough that anybody can use it. 

Technical Specifications

2 - Group3 - Group
Boiler CapacityLt8.68.6
Boiler PowerkW2.952.95
TCS Boiler Power kW23
Total PowerkW5.356.4
Net Weight kg88111

Standard Features

Pid controlled variable temperature groupheads with less than one point of varitation. 

Individual grouphead boilers with PID control

Independent coffee and steam boilers

Independent temperature per group head

Fresh water for tea

Programmable pre-infusion

On-off timer

Auto backflush cleaning facility

Espresso shot timer

Detailed audit trail

LED Illuminated panels & down lights

Triple level boiler safety systems

Copper boiler and pipework

Optional Feature

Machine drilled portafilter baskets

Turbo steam

External high volume pump

3-phase power

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