The Green Machine

The Verde, also known as the 'green machine', has been designed for professional locations with a strong interest in the environment and energy saving considerations. 

Designed with the environment in mind

  • Extensive use of recycled materials - coffee grounds for cover panels, shredded wooden pallets for steam knobs and portafilter handles
  • Significantly reduced energy consumption (by approx 30%)

Sophisticated (P.I.D.) temperature control

  • Allows precision control of  espresso brewing temperature (±0.2°C)
  • Temperature stability ensures consistency of each shot you make
  • Intelligent power use with both pre-set and automatic switching on and off (e.g. at night) and the ability to deactivate unused groups (e.g. at quieter times)

Dedicated boilers for each group head 

  • Ensures the machine is highly responsive (e.g rapidly warmed up and ready for use in the morning)
  • Limits scale formation reducing the need for servicing
  • Makes for ease of access and maintenance

Technical Specifications

2 Group3 Group
Boiler CapacityLitre8.6-
Boiler PowerkW2.95-
TCS Boiler PowerkW2-
Total PowerkW5.25-
Net Weightkg68-

Standard Features

Independent coffee and steam boilers

P.I.D. Temperature Control

Dedicated boiler per group head

Independent temperature per group head

Fresh water for tea

Pre-infusion selection

Mixed water

Auto backflush cleaning facility

Espresso shot timer

Triple level boiler safety systems

Copper boiler and pipework

Cup warmer

Optional Features

3 Phase Power

External high volume pump


2 Group

3 Group


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