Also known as ‘Siphon’ or ‘Vacuum Pot’.

Using the Syphon is a way to create a superb quality coffee with all the flavours possible at home. As always you will need to be using high quality fresh beans, a good grinder set correctly, and filtered or bottled water for best results.  


23-25g Freshly Ground Coffee/Filtered Water/Syphon unit/Heat Source


Fill your kettle and start it to boil.

Check that your filter is clean and has no grounds present.

Soak the filter in warm water for whilst you prepare your Syphon.

Weigh out 23-25g and grind slightly finer than you would for a drip filter. The coffee should feel like a fine sand.

Insert the filter into the top chamber. Use the spring to hook the catch over the bottom of the spout and adjust the filter into the middle of the chamber.

Once the water has nearly boiled, fill globe with 300ml of water and rest the top chamber loosely over the bottom. Place the whole assembly over the heat source.

Let the water reheat for a small while before pushing the top chamber against the bottom to form the seal. At this point the water will start to rise into the top chamber.

All but a little bit of the water in the bottom chamber will rise up. Once this has happened turn the heat source down if possible, or if using a naked flame use your paddle to swish the water around, cooling it slightly. The ideal temperature is somewhere around 94 Celsius.

Add the ground coffee. Quickly, and in a controlled way, submerge your grounds with a paddle. Allow the coffee to rest for 70 seconds. Remove the syphon from the heat source and stir consistently and firmly for 5 seconds. The brew will take around a minute to draw down. A dome of your grounds should form against the filter and the lower chamber will begin to bubble. Once this settles gently angle the top chamber and move it in circles to release the pressure.

Enjoy your beautifully brewed coffee.