Three Bean Espresso

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Three Bean Espresso

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2* Great Taste Award 2017

Delicious with milk. Rich, nutty intensity. This has been our in house main espresso for over nearly a year.

Roaster’s tip: Our signature espresso, no nonsense coffee.

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Tasting Notes

Smooth espresso blend. Rich body, sweet nut and vanilla notes.

Suggested Brewing Method 

Drip FilterEspressoAeroPressCafetiereSiphon, Moka Pot

We have carefully roasted, tasted, brewed and tested to develop a smooth drinking espresso blend which is full bodied, sweet and nutty with medium acidity.   It makes a delightful espresso and is perfect for pairing with milk, which brings out the vanilla notes. This blend has been developed for brewing as espresso but is also excellent when prepared as a brewed coffee.

Blend of: Brazil, Guatemala, Costa Rica.