Sensory & Tasting Session - 15th December PWYW

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Sensory & Tasting Session - 15th December PWYW


Please read this whole page before booking.

We are often asked about our Brew Coffee at Home courses. We stopped doing them over a year ago because we didn’t feel they were broad enough in their teachings. This is something along the same lines, but with a much more exciting and varied range of tastings. These courses are for those who love coffee and have some understanding of brewing and coffee, or a very keen appetite for the brew!

Coffee is a scientific art. This will prove that to you and help you see the huge complexity in this beautiful fruit. Through some tasting, some smelling, some education and some brewing we will finish the session with a really good understanding of the journey of coffee and, hopefully, the skills to manipulate flavour in coffee.

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This is out first public course. We’ve been trying to work out what to charge for it and have had a huge spectrum of prices suggested. Therefore this will be a pay what you want event. The £5 is to book you on and on the day you will be privately asked to pay what you think it’s worth. There is no pressure and it is to help us understand what the value of our knowledge and time is, thanks!

We will cover the following topics:

Coffee History, sourcing, roasting, brewing, modulating flavour, tasting, sensory improvement, further reading.

Everybody will get a discount on the day on all purchases and a bag of coffee is included.

The important bits:

Courses are held on market days in Glandford so there is plenty for others to do.

Course takes about 2 hours. 

No experience necessary, but a passion for the brew is important!

Maximum group of 10 people.

We can touch of anything extra if you have specific questions, but for the most part this course is not for latte art or espresso!

Courses start at 10am.

The courses are held in our roastery in Glandford.
Grey Seal Coffee Roastery, Manor Farm Barns, Glandford, Norfolk, NR25 7JP