Coffee is a scientific art. This will prove that to you and help you see the huge complexity in this beautiful fruit. Through some tasting, some smelling, some education and some brewing we will finish the session with a really good understanding of the journey of coffee and, hopefully, the skills to manipulate flavour in coffee.

Sensory & Tasting Course


We have lost our way with coffee with the industry’s modern method of mass production.

Real coffee demonstrates another path. How more appreciation can be shown for this beautiful and exotic product. There is some history, a report from coffee origin, a little on roasting, and some advice on how you can move towards drinking real coffee.  

Our new book.

Real Coffee.


Seasonal Special

Colombia Narino

A high grown washed Colombian Coffee.

Nariño’s particular geography and proximity to coastal and land borders have historically transformed it into corridor for illicit trade routes, resulting in unwarranted violence against residents of remote mountain farms. Today, thanks to the particularly resilient and fearless spirit of Nariño’s farmers, the small region is a respected nucleus of coffee innovation.

Winter Blend

18/19 Season

A warming winter blend of rich Colombian and bright Ethiopian beans.

Developed in the Roastery especially for crisp mornings and cold winter evenings, this full flavoured blend combines the sweet tea notes of a bright Ethiopian coffee with the smooth tones of the Colombia.

The perfect cosy fireside brew. 


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