The Revolution

The ultimate espresso machine. Sanremo contacted the leading baristas and industry professionals of the world and invited them to start with a blank canvas and design their "dream machine" - to be the best coffee machine in the market today. The Opera, hailed as 'game changing' and 'revolutionary' is the result of this unique collaboration. 

“Think of each single thing you would like to see in an espresso coffee machine. Put yourselves to the test to create a product that will bear each one of your names. You will be remembered as that group of extraordinary people that one day had the courage to change things and leave future generations something that does not just involve technique and innovation, but also passion and pride.” 

The development team included John Gordon (UK), Sasa Sestic (Australia), Torpong Tantraporn (Thailand), Serif Basaran (Turkey), Ben Stephens (Australia) and David Wilson (UK) working with Sanremo's Research and Engineering team. 


  • All Other Coffee Machines Work On Volumetric Measurement. The Opera Controls Coffee extraction By Brew Ratio


  • Five Insulated Boilers, All With P.I.D. Control


  • Six Fully Customisable Presets Per Group Head


  • Adjustable Gear Pumps, Which Allow For Pressure Profilling


  • Load Cells, Built Directly Into The Drip Tray. Weight Is Displayed On A LCD Display Built Directly Into The Group Head


  • Bluetooth Connectivity, All Settings Can Be Adjusted Live Through An App


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