Moka Pot

Also known as ‘Percolator’ or ‘Stove Top Pot’.

Using the Moka pot will allow you to make a fairly good approximation of an espresso coffee, without the price tag of the conventional espresso machine. 


20g Freshly Ground Coffee/Filtered Water/Moka Pot/Heat Source


Fill your kettle and start it to boil.

Check that filter basket is clean and dry.

Weigh out 20g of coffee and grind slightly coarser than you would for espresso.

Fill the bottom chamber of the pot with you water, it should be just off boiling.

Place the basket into the bottom chamber and fill it with the coffee. Level off the surface with smooth, flat brushes over the grounds. Clean the thread of the Moka pot.

Screw the chambers together. Make sure you use a heat resistant cloth to screw the bottom half, it’s hot.

Place the assembled Moka pot on your heat source, if it’s adjustable a moderate heat is best.

Once the coffee begins to rise up under the pressure watch what sort of stream is coming out. If it is overly aggressive and uncontrolled turn the heat down, or if it’s sluggish and lethargic turn the heat up. Use your judgement. Remove the Moka pot from the heat source either once it’s stopped bubbling up and started hissing, or once the coffee turns to a lighter more sand link colour. Pour it as swiftly as possible once the extraction is complete.

Enjoy your beautifully brewed coffee.