Drip Filter

Also known as the ‘Drip’, ‘Pour Over’ or ‘V60’ method.

This is both an easy and convenient way to brew great coffee at home. With a little preparation and a few simple steps it will allow you to draw out those delicate and complex flavours to get the most taste from your coffee. As always you will need to be using high quality fresh beans, a good grinder set correctly, and filtered or bottled water for best results.  


16g Freshly Ground Coffee/250ml Filtered Water/Drip Cone (ie 'V60')/Filter Paper


Fill your kettle and start it to boil.

Weigh out 16 grams (2 heaped desert spoons) of coffee beans for a standard size cup or mug (250ml). Grind the beans using a filter grid setting. The coarseness should be sand-like.

Take a filter paper, folding it if necessary, and place it the cone, on top of your cup or coffee pot.

Gently rinse the paper with hot water, heating the cone and preventing any papery taste in your coffee. After a minute or so empty the water from your now warm cup/pot.

Pour your ground coffee into the filter. If necessary tap it gently to level the coffee, allowing for a more even pour.

Pour in enough water that is just off boiling (30 seconds off the boil) to saturate the coffee grounds. Start at the centre and work outward gently in a circular movement without pouring down the side of the filter. This enables the coffee to expand or 'bloom' so that the water spreads evenly through the coffee. This should be allowed to happen for about 30 seconds.

Continue to gently the rest of the water evenly over the coffee grounds until your cone is three quarters full.

Once all the water has dripped through, discard the filter paper and enjoy your beautifully brewed coffee.