Decaf Brazil Minas Gerais - 1* Great Taste Award 2017


Decaf Brazil Minas Gerais - 1* Great Taste Award 2017

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A great all round single-origin decaffeinated bean with nothing missing but the caffeine Velvety mouthfeel, milk chocolate with a lingering hazelnut aftertaste.

Roaster’s tip: Decaffeination was the once shunned corner of coffee but is an aspect we take great pride and care in.  You couldn’t tell the difference.



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Tasting Notes

Swiss water decaffeinated. Rich body, moderate acidity and fruity.

Suggested Brewing Method 

Drip FilterEspressoAeroPressCafetiereSiphon, Moka Pot

This coffee from Brazil is identical in flavour to it’s non-decaffeinated single origin source.  The Swiss Water processing maintains the integrity of the bean, removing nothing but the caffeine.  Entirely versatile, this bean can be used for all brew methods but is less successful when prepared using the siphon.

Bourbon, Mondo Novo, Cataui