Our new book.

Real Coffee.

We have lost our way with coffee with the industry’s modern method of mass production.

Real coffee demonstrates another path. How more appreciation can be shown for this beautiful and exotic product. There is some history, a report from coffee origin, a little on roasting, and some advice on how you can move towards drinking real coffee.  


Seasonal Special

In 2014 Cooperative Kawa Kabuya was established to restore hope to the coffee chain in a region of the country where the agricultural sector was experiencing constant deterioration due to civil war. 

When the co-op first opened it produced a single container, over the last three years has grown to this year producing three containers of specialty coffee. 

Kawa Kabuya coffees have earned top scores in several African Fine Coffees Association Taste of Harvest competitions. The coop create full time and seasonal employment for local youth and rejuvenate the coffee sector.


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