Our new book.

Real Coffee.

We have lost our way with coffee with the industry’s modern method of mass production.

Real coffee demonstrates another path. How more appreciation can be shown for this beautiful and exotic product. There is some history, a report from coffee origin, a little on roasting, and some advice on how you can move towards drinking real coffee.  


Seasonal Special

Costa Rica Las Palomas - Natural

Don Jorge Monge Garbanzo inherited Las Palomas from his parents and took over management of the farm in 1993. He now runs it with his wife, Flor Mayela Garcia Valverde and their children. Jorge Monge Garbanzo himself is one of eleven children, all of whom continue to be connected to coffee in some way.

Las Palomas (the birds) spans six hectares. The farm is named Las Palomas because of the various birds that can be found in the region.


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